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President of MFO INC.
(Executive Office industry) March 2004 Present ()

(Financial Services industry) January 2002 Present ()

Brian Felderstein

A financial industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, Brian Felderstein was co-founder and partner of a large mid-Atlantic financial institution. Felderstein grew the company to a large and profitable enough venture to realize his exit strategy: the company he founded was acquired by a large tax services firm with 700 offices nationwide.

Felderstein is a sought-after business trainer and teacher, imparting his expertise in lead generation, team building and successful selling systems to enthusiastic business professionals from coast to coast.

Felderstein brings his sought-after business development expertise. creating winning lead and prospecting techniques, increasing strategic alliances, developing best-of-breed sales training and carving out future-driven sales and marketing opportunities

"I researched quite a few businesses before deciding on Business Alliance. There were several reasons why I chose this company. For one thing, this was the only business that satisfied all my criteria: a fast growing, recession-proof industry, a low investment, low overhead, high income potential, time flexibility, professional clientele, and a business where I could provide a valuable service to many people. Also, I was very impressed with the backgrounds and the integrity of the people in the corporate office as well as the other Consultants. Also, I have much more control of my time and I generate a lot of satisfaction from helping other people achieve their goals." - Brian Felderstein, Baltimore, MD

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